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Zack Fair
14 May 2013 @ 10:12 am
Want to get back to my Zack one day, so no purging, mmkay?
Zack Fair
17 May 2008 @ 08:53 pm
WELL, just look at everybody joinin' in the community. Lots a friendly faces. A few crazy ones, but mostly friendly. It's all good.

This week's gone off pretty decently, except for a couple of things.

1) It sure did rain a lot over here this week. At least the plants at Marianne's and Thomas's bookshop got plenty to drink. But other than that, it got a little annoying.

2) Marianne's been acting a little weird. No, it's got nothing to do with her silliness or twisted sense of humor. It's with her physical form. She's almost as energetic as Yuffie on occaision. I also wonder where her super strength came from. Earlier today, we tested it out. Cloud came by to pitch in and turns out he raised his eyebrows too.

It's cool that she could be as tough as us, but it's also really strange. This troubles me a little, since there's nothing any of us can explain. Nothing's really happened to her since minutes after Red XIII came to Earth, and that brief period of illness was really bad.

Maybe I'm just over reacting a little. Maybe it's nothing, but we'll just have to wait and see. I dunno if it's anything to do with the lifestream invader or not. If it does, then absolutely no good can come out of this. He's still inside of her, but dormant on the most part. Okay, so everyone's all here in the same world, so why doesn't he just make a freakin' move? The suspense is unnerving.

Right now, everything's fine and dandy, but that may not last long. As long as that thing's in her... Shiva, the bastard in her's like a freakin' time bomb.
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Zack Fair
I guess this is where I'll be posting down thoughts, concerns, and whatnot.

For those who took a look at what I put down for a profile, I'll use this time to enlighten anyone who may be reading. I'm what would some call a alternate version of myself. Marianne, who's spent time in two different worlds (mine and hers), says that it could be possible that several parallel dimensions or universes could co-exist with one another. Our friends and ourselves don't understand all of this, but it's more or less something that makes sense to us. Cloud and I especially are still scratching our heads a little over that.

Some of you are most likely confused about this lifestream invader that I've mentioned. Well, as of now the invader's gone, pretty much. I don't think he's dead. In fact, I've been spending most of the time around Marianne, keeping an eye on her. I and some of the Torchwood folks believe that the black eyed freak's somewhere hiding in her. (It's a bit complicated.) He brought her to my Gaia, and wanted to keep her alive for some perverse, sadistic reasons. Ever since I was made an in-inbetweener of life and death, I've taken up to the task of being her protector (as well as Cloud, Tifa, Reno, Rude, or anyone one of us Gaians who happen to visit her and me). The irony of it was that the bastard wanted me to do that, but I'm NOT doing this for him. I'm keeping Marianne safe from him. I'm also keeping an eye on her so Torchwood don't have to give her those damn amnesia pills to forget everything.

How she came to Gaia was pretty much all his fault. A while after Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo joined the lifestream, she's been doing much better. She seems to be herself, but after she attempted to kill it with Sephiroth's samurai blade, the invader dissolved into this dark mist and went inside her. I've seen it happen. It scared the crap out of me, to sum it all up. For up to around two days tops, that creep's been inside her soul. I tell ya, she didn't look so good when that was going on.

The whole story about the invader and how I came to know her's in what the Earth girl's been writing about in a story. Gradually it's coming along. If you want to have a read, then you'll just have to ask Marianne.

Hey, you know, Marianne asked Cloud to join in her community and he seemed okay with it. *snicker* I just befriended that journal too. I'm going to SPAM IT ALL UP with my comments when he gets his first entry up. Well, at least I'm thinking about doing that! XD Of course Reno has one of these LJ's too. I wonder when he's going to update or anything. Maybe he's still got that hangover from the other night after that girl Rayven was picking on him so much.

Heh heh, she's a real cutie, Rayven is. She asked me out, and I think a date with her would be fun. It's been a while since I've been on a real date. Be happy for me, Aeris!

I think that's enough for now. I'm gonna go outside and check out the new strawberry plants Marianne's dad was talking to me about that's around the house. I may not be able to eat food anymore (in which is one of the disadvantages to being a dead guy), but I do like to look at the plants that are growing around their house, and around the bookstore too! There's herbs and perennials out in front of the store, and some of those day lilies have yet to bloom.
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