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In between life and death...

I'm not just a memory anymore.

Zack Fair
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So, you found my LJ, eh? Well, here's some of what most would know about me already.

-I used to be in SOLDIER for Shinra, with my buddy Cloud Strife.

-The Buster Sword was originally mine, until I got shot seven or so years back. Then Cloud used it in aid for putting a stop to the Shinra, and Sephiroth, who was also in SOLDIER.

-I helped to get Cloud away from Shinra, after 4 years of being tested on like a guinea pig. (Memories I am not fond of, I tell ya that.)

Yeah, I know what you're thinking... How can I be writing all this up when I'm supposed to be a dead guy? I don't understand it fully myself, but I became to be in between life and death when this black eyed man who's not a man (I don't know what the hell he is, exactly) invaded the lifestream, and shoved me out to save a girl (named Marianne) in which he pulled from another world known as Earth. It's all a long story as to what happened to her, but I've been buds with her ever since I saved her neck from Loz and some monsters. That's another story... Anyway, here's her blog! phspopular2002

ooc: The above paragraph is made up, and not necessarily canon related. It's more or less a part of a fanfiction Zack's writer has been working on.

Now she's invited me to this writing community and I said, why not? And I get my own blog in the process. I think that's kind of a sweet deal.